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Strawberry Laser Lipo at

 L Squared Oakleaf and L Squared Southside gives  measurable results each visit. No waiting for months to see results, no bruising, no pain, no needles and no downtime. FDA approved for 3.7" loss in low abdomen. An added benefit is skin tightening at treated area.

L Squared Oakleaf 

at Avecina Medical at Oakleaf Town Center

Thank you for visiting. L Squared Oakleaf is located in AVECINA MEDICAL in OAKLEAF TOWN CENTER. L Squared Southside in AVECINA MEDICAL SOUTHSIDE BLVD.

Strawberry Laser Lipo: FDA approved fat loss treatments. Whether you are just starting your fat loss goals or you have hit a plateau: I offer guaranteed results on your trial.  Most clients lose 6-8" in as little as 3 weeks!

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Watch what happens at a Strawberry Laser Lipo Treatment. No needles, no pain, no bruising, no down time and measurable results each visit! Clients experience inch loss immediately and typically weight loss a few days following, once they have flushed the fat. Click the photo link below to watch Dr. Stoke's office in ATL. Also, if you would like more info on how to offer Strawberry Laser Lipo at your office email me at [email protected]

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Does Strawberry Laser Lipo Work?

You can treat your abs, thighs, back bulge, man breasts (moobs), lower abs (mother's apron), arms or buttocks. Treatments are complete in three to four weeks. Click picture to watch how easy treatments are!

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I lost 4" in my midsection! I am an active guy but I wasn't seeing the loss I wanted in my abs. Money well spent. Quick, easy, painless. Boom! Oh yeah....guys this is a must for PT if you're worried about your tape test



I could not lose that pouch after my 2nd c-section. I am so happy I found Tisha and Strawberry Lipo. Takes an hour a couple times a week. I look like my old self again:)


Mom, Orange Park

I was nervous bc like what is Strawberry Laser Lipo?! A lot of pressure was on to look my best on my BIG day. I was working out but I am so happy I did Laser Lipo with Tisha bc waist was #snatched in my wedding dress!

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