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Our Story

Put yourself back on your to-do list

Love the person in the mirror

No matter where you begin L Squared can help you! Our focus now is fat loss with Strawberry Laser Lipo (but we also offer Delfin Vacuum Therapy). I feel so strongly about this guaranteed fat loss solution that I want everyone to experience it. Whether you're a mom trying to lose those last few inches, law enforcement, first responder, military, 9-5er.... Strawberry Laser Lipo will work for you! It has 95% success rate. If you don't lose an inch in your $99 trial, then you get your money back. If you are more interested in tightening skin around your eyes, neck, or forehead then Delfin Laser Lift is for you. We also offer Delfin Butt Lifts (Yup! The noninvasive treatment to plump your bum) and cellulite therapy. All of our services are noninvasive with no needles, no pain, no bruising, and no downtime.

The Goal:

My goal is to offer solutions for those whom have experienced weight gain due to medical reasons (including medication side effects). I also want to be a partner to those that want to lose inches or have to be at a certain girth to maintain employment/rank.  I want people to feel confident. So many are dealing with stress, anxiety, diabetes, kidney disorders, chemotherapy, post- partum etc. These issues cause our bodies to hold weight.  Wouldn't you like to know that there is place that can offer a treatments and solutions? Book your trial.

Want Results?!

Remember to put yourself back on your to-do list. Life gives us so much, and we have to treat your body good in order to handle what comes your way. L Squared Oakleaf offers FDA approved Strawberry Laser Lipo to help men and women whom are starting their fat loss journey. It is also beneficial to those that have plateaued while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is no pain, no needles, no bruising and no downtime and you get measurable results every visit. Most are able to complete 8 treatments in a few weeks; losing 2 clothing sizes.

Proud to be in the BBB

I am honored to be a part of this trusted business agency. Trust is something that is important to me because I work with clients when they are in a vulnerable state. I strive to maintain integrity and work to help you reach your goals. Thank you for taking a moment to learn what I stand for.

Connecting to Other Business Owners

Connecting and building meaningful business relationships is the foundation of our economic structure. We like to add our services with those in the fitness, wellness and health fields. Staying healthy for yourself and family is tough, but you can do it! We can help