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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it really work? 

   -YES! Strawberry Laser Lipo is FDA approved and has a 95% success rate. No adverse side effects have been reported in it's 7 years on the market. In the FDA trials everyone experienced an average 4" of fat loss on low abs (pouch). It is the most aggressive fat loss laser on the market. You are measurably thinner every visit.

2. Is it fat loss or water loss?

  -It is fat loss. The laser penetrates adipocyte cells and drain triglyceride and glycerol fats. Your body's metobolic process and lymphatic system will process and excrete the fat. Flushing is key (lots of water to get rid of the fat in your body's interstitial space).  No, it is not like fat freezing or traditional lipo. Your fat cells are not destroyed or removed (which actually it's not good to do that) they are drained just as they would be with healthy eating and exercise. Results are  permanent as long as you maintain your healthier lifestyle. 

3. Does it hurt?

  -Not at all. Most clients listen to music and nap. My favorite type are the ones whom chat with me the whole time.

4. How often can I get treatments?

  -Every other day.  After your trial, sessions only take 40-50 minutes each. Most clients are finished with their FDA approved 8 treatment package in 2.5-4 weeks. Scheduling issues happen (vacation, work, family) but  try to complete treatments in about five weeks max. 

5. What should I wear to treatments?

  -Whatever is comfortable. I suggest tank top and short/joggers to make measuring and cluster probe placement easier. You will be fine for treatments in any clothing because there is no strenuous/uncomfortable activity so if you forget... NO NEED TO WORRY :)

6. Will I lose weight?

  -Strawberry Laser Lipo focuses on inch loss, how much weight you lose depends on your eating habits. Most clients lose a clothing size and 10-15 pounds over the course of their treatments. This is because you are more conscience of the food you eat which allows for healthier choices. When you know you lost several inches in an hour, you don't want to put it back on. Also, the water intake is important to rid your body of the fat, which will help with weight loss. Clients  see inch loss same day, weight loss in 2-3 days.

7. Can I treat more than one area? 

  -YES! Speak with Tisha for most effective ways. Packages are available for year round treatments. 

8. Can I pay over time? 

     -Yes, you can pay over time, however, that does forfeit any sale pricing. We accept all major credit cards, some FSA and HSA providers. 

Book your trial, what do you have to lose?   INCHES!!

LOL! C'mon, you knew that was coming

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